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What is included in our landscaping services?

Landscaping is a big task, but it’s a fantastic way to change the look of your entire property. New landscaping brings your lawn to life in different ways – there are many opportunities for change depending on how big your lawn is and what design you want.

It’s not always an easy adventure to embark on by yourself, but luckily we have the skills and knowledge to help! Healthy grass, new plants, flower beds, groomed hedges, and hardscaping tie the whole look together and make your home or business look fantastic.

We help you design your new landscape look, plan the maintenance schedule, and do the dirty work of putting everything into place.

Why should we trust Fair Outdoor Design to take care of our lawn services?

Our business is built and run on core values that keep us a top-tier landscape company:

  • NOur company is family-owned, and we treat your landscape with the same care as we would ours.
  • NWe're committed to constantly growing and changing for the better, upgrading our services as we do.
  • NOur list of services is expansive, so you know we can do a lot for your lawn.
  • NSupporting our community is non-negotiable, and we do it in every way we can, outside of lawn care.
  • NWe utilize the most effective lawn and landscape methods to provide the best service possible.
Landscape design in Tulsa, OK

What are some benefits of this lawn service?

Increase in curb appeal and home value

You can make an impactful first impression on family, friends, or potential buyers if your property looks aesthetically pleasing as soon as they pull up. Landscaping that's cared for and designed well is the way to do that!

You're likely to make a sale faster and easier with a lawn that needs less work and entertain more often with extra space outdoors to do so. All of this was made possible with new landscaping - talk about amazing!

You’ll experience mental and physical health benefits

Outside offers some amazing health benefits, but we often spend very limited time outdoors.

Beautiful, functional landscaping can change that! Lowered blood pressure, improved focus and memory, less anxiety, and more vitamin D are all ways being outside can help you. If you had the chance to experience that, you'd take advantage of it.

What should I remember when starting this project?

Every big project takes time

Patience is key regarding new landscape design and installation because a project like this doesn't happen overnight. The design process itself involves consistent approval from the customer and careful planning.

Once the design is done and you're happy with the layout, the real work begins to make it a reality. It's an exciting endeavor but can take time, especially if you have an intricate design planned!

Planning is everything

Designing your landscape before installing anything is only one way to plan. Thorough research also needs to be done before getting started when making decisions for your landscape.

Knowing what plants thrive well in your surrounding environment and what maintenance everything needs are crucial to the process. If you want proper landscaping, this is the best way to ensure it's done correctly!

We are happy to provide expert landscaping services in Broken Arrow, Skiatook, and Tulsa, Oklahoma! With Fair Outdoor Design, you can count on your landscape getting the best care and looking better than it did before.

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