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Collinsville, in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, is a lovely place to live. Its citizens are a uniquely community-minded group known to register their unique talents with the local government, so officials know who’s available to volunteer to help with what they’re good at. And at Fair Outdoor Design, we like to serve those citizens in their homes and businesses with our landscaping talents.

In addition to the sense of community, further expressed through its community website:, Collinsville offers much to enjoy for nature lovers. Hike the Lakeside Trail Ride, soar through the air at Skydive Airtight, or relax while taking in the landscape on the Skyway Balloons. There are also plenty of local restaurants to check out, such as Mom’s Diner and Jalapeno Grill, if you’re looking for a bite to eat. The employees here at Fair Outdoor Design couldn’t be happier to serve the fine folks that reside here and will continue to do so!

What Services Does Fair Outdoor Design Offer Collinsville?

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What’s the best way to enjoy your backyard? Grilling? A dinner party? Whatever your answer, it probably includes hardscaping.

Your backyard should look precisely the way you want it. We work with you to design patios, landscape walls, walking paths, water features, fire pits, and more to your ideal specifications. So let’s make your Collinsville outdoor living space the place to be!

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Lawn Care

Everyone knows that their lawn needs mowing. But beyond the regular care of mowing, edging, trimming & blowouts, grass needs seasonal care to keep it healthy. That care includes aeration, overseeding, weed treatments such as preemergents, cleanup, and fertilizing. Fair Lawn provides everything your lawn needs to stay green, lush, and healthy all year.

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Landscape Lighting

Can you see the light? Can you see where you’re stepping? Landscape lighting illuminates your path and makes your yard usable after dark.

Landscape lighting also improves safety by preventing injuries and reducing the risk of property crime at your home. Finally, evening lights can create a new atmosphere for your gardens that shows off parts that aren’t as prominent during daily hours.

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Seasonal Cleanups

Excess plant debris on your lawn can cause multiple problems. The obvious one is aesthetic, but there are also issues with your plant health.

Debris blocks your living plants from getting the water and nutrients that they need to live. In addition, the debris can trap moisture, creating mold, fungus, ice, and plant disease. A detailed cleanup of your property removes this debris and leaves more room for your living landscape.

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French Drains

French drains aren’t French and aren’t what you picture when you picture drains.

Instead, these ditches filled with gravel or sand that allow water to naturally dissipate into the ground without causing flooding were named after Henry French, an American farmer and judge. He wrote about them in his 1859 book about farm drainage. But, of course, what’s important to you is that they prevent flooding and standing water on your property.

Fair Outdoor Design landscapes businesses and homes in Collinsville with expert quality lawn care, hardscaping, french drains, irrigation repair, and more. We build trustworthy, professional relationships with our customers and offer high-quality service every time.

Serve. Grow. Give. Repeat.

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