Expert Lawn Care, Hardscaping, & French Drains In Owasso, Ok

Though the beautiful city of Owasso wasn’t officially incorporated until 1972, the settlement has been around since 1905! As the largest suburb of Tula, Owasso serves as a hub to the surrounding areas, whose residents flock here each weekend to shop and dine throughout the town.

There’s also plenty of natural beauty, from Mohawk Park to Osage Prairie Trail to Redbud Valley Nature Reserve. If history is your bag, you can surround yourself with knowledge of the past at the Owasso Museum. Residents also love catching a Sooners game at the University of Oklahoma.

We at Fair Outdoor Design will always strive to serve those residents the best we can and for many years to come!

What Can Fair Outdoor Design Do for Your Owasso Landscaping?

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Lawn Care

Regarding your property, your lawn probably takes up the most significant chunk of real estate. So you want it to be welcoming, healthy, lush, and green. Lawn care takes consistent effort all year, and Fair Outdoor Design is here to do it for your property. Mowing, edging, trimming & blowouts are part of our regular maintenance. Still, we also take the extra steps to give your lawn the love it needs each season, like weed control, cleanups, aeration & overseeding, and fertilizer.

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You’ll want to take advantage of the warmer months when you can! Hardscaping is the heart of your outdoor living space. And unlike the rest of your landscape, it’s pretty simple to care for. But maintenance comes after design and creation. First, we create gorgeous walkways and patios to suit your tastes. Then, using brick, stone, and concrete, we can build the aesthetic you dreamed about with fire pits and water features.

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French Drains

Sometimes the lay of the land creates water issues. You don’t need to rebuild or move to solve the problem. French drains are the easiest drainage solution for excess water issues. We dig a ditch and fill it with sand or gravel.

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Landscaping is a pretty broad term, but it’s meant to be. Fair Lawn takes care of the whole of your outdoors, bridging the science and art of landscaping with our expert experience and a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. So whether you are looking to maintain what you have, build something from scratch, both, or anything in between, Fair Lawn wants to be your go-to landscaping provider all year.

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Landscape Lighting

As lovely as your yard is, if you can’t see where you’re going after dark, that doesn’t do you much good! Landscape lighting solves the issue by improving safety, preventing injuries, reducing crime risk, and beautifying your yard. A few lights on your paths and around your entrances are all it takes to transform your home, but more elaborate lighting plans are welcome!

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Seasonal Cleanups

When you think of property cleanups, you probably think about autumn leaves, but all your plants are constantly changing - and shedding debris! So we recommend a detailed property cleanup at least once a year where we scour your yard for all dead plant debris (leaves, petals, sticks, twigs, etc.), take out annuals that have died or parts of plants that haven’t survived, and generally give your whole property a tune-up. Seasonal cleanup is a great way to keep your landscape fresh!

Does your Owasso home or commercial property need expert hardscaping, lawn care, or other landscaping services? Our services are always high-quality, no matter the job, and our employees make it their mission to offer outstanding customer service!

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