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What is included in our French drain services?

If you have ever come home to wet floors where water seems to have splashed over the doors or a yard that is now a swamp, you can blame drainage problems. Our services will include the following:
  • NA complete survey of the trouble areas.
  • NA complete report of what we’ve found: problem areas and possible fixes, including what we will do to repair or install a drainage system that works.
  • NAn estimated time needed for the repairs or installation and costs for services and materials. We will always inform you if any issues, like supply chain problems, change our plans.

What Are Fair Outdoor Design Values?

You’ll find that working with Fair Outdoor Design will solve your problem and make the installation experience run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We care about our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve.

  • NCustomer Service - As important as the destination, the journey also matters. We know that people want to work with people, not just companies. And we treat our customers like fellow human beings who deserve respect.
  • NQuality Work - We want a long-lasting relationship with you, so we’re not in your yard to check a box and leave. Instead, we’ll understand your needs and leave you happy with the results.
  • NLocal & Family Owned - We’re a company built right here in OK out of caring for our own family and our own home.
  • NCommunity-Focused - We don’t just want the community to look great. We want it to be great! So we donate to local school sports and bands.
  • NValue Driven - In addition to our community focus, we contribute to Project Hope Worldwide, a nonprofit that cares for orphans.
French Drains in Collinsville, Owasso, and Tulsa, OK

Why Is Good Drainage Important to My Property?

Healthy Landscape

The first signs of poor drainage often include yellow or unhealthy grass and loss of plants. Waterlogged land kills plant life just as overwatering does.

Over time, the loss of plants can also cause soil erosion, which causes more plant loss and drainage issues. So, again, it’s a problem that is best solved immediately.

Healthy Home, Healthy You

As bad as poor drainage is for your yard, it can be even worse for your home. When you don’t have plants and loose soil absorbing water, you risk the water entering your house. This water can create property damage.

In addition to costly repairs, flooding can create mold, which may affect your health and that of your family. Mold remediation is an expensive project. Prevention is better than cure.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Fair Outdoor Design for Your French Drain?

Fast Service for Urgent Problems

Is your yard flooded? Foundation waterlogged? Your flooding emergency will become a priority with Fair Outdoor Design.

If French drains are the answer, we will show you the plans and schedules about which kind of French drains will be most effective. Then, we’ll show when we can start and how long the process of pumping the water, drying the area, and digging and building the French drains will take.

Project Size

The drain size will depend on the amount of water needed to be drained. These outdoor solutions are usually installed by being buried in the ground.

In modern homes, a drain is often installed as the foundation is built, with extra measures taken to prevent even the smallest particles from coming into the trench and blocking it.

To solve your drainage problems with expert french drain installation in Collinsville, Owasso, and Tulsa, contact Fair Outdoor Design. Since there are federal, state, and local laws about how run-off is used or treated, it’s best to use licensed, knowledgeable professionals to care for your drainage problems. Fair Outdoor Design is fully licensed to take care of drainage problems.

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