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You can easily upgrade the look of your property – if you have professionals to help! New landscaping can improve your home’s look while keeping it maintained keeps it beautiful. Our services can increase your property value while improving the health and look of all your plant life.

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French Drains

Water is essential, but too much can be bad for your property. Protecting the foundation of your home or business from structural damage due to excess water must be a priority. Your answer may be a new French drain provided by our trained team.

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Seasonal Cleanups

Some parts of the different seasons are fair and easy. While each brings its positive changes, it also brings its challenges. We are happy to meet them and beat them with detailed landscape cleanups, clearing away debris that could threaten your lawn’s health.

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Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn is only as strong as you let it be and will only look good if you do your part to make it so. It needs regular maintenance to stay in shape and keep it from becoming overbearing. Our mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing skills will take the look of your lawn to the next level.

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We offer a variety of options of materials to build new hardscaping on your landscape. Various hardscaping options create a unique space for entertaining or relaxing at home throughout the year! We install fire pits, walkways, patios, retaining walls, and more to upgrade the look of your property!

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Lawn Care

Getting to the root of your lawn’s health and any issues it may have will allow you to care for it properly. No matter the type of application – weed control, fertilizing treatments – Fair Outdoor Design knows our stuff and is here to help!

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Landscape Lighting

With so much time to be spent outdoors in Texas, landscape lighting makes an excellent addition to any landscape! These installations increase the safety of your home and offer a dazzling way to entertain outside well into the night.

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