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The city of Tulsa is the second-largest in Oklahoma state and is an extremely populated city, the 47th in the entire country! Interestingly, it’s the county seat of Tulsa County, and its current leading sectors of the city’s economy include aviation, finance, technology, and telecommunications. It has many interesting histories about its origins, development, and diversity. It was settled by Native American tribes in 1836 and was eventually incorporated on January 18th, 1898. Route 66 made the city a popular rest stop along the road and has since found new ways to improve tourism in the city. It sits along the Arkansas River and has a picturesque skyline that makes anyone fall in love.

It’s easy to find yourself wondering what to do in the city because there’s a lot to explore and discover – even for its residents! There are places for parents and younger ones to enjoy together, like the Gathering place or Philbrook Museum of Art. There are museums and other historic sites to see, arenas to experience fun events, and a zoo to get up close with some amazing critters. In addition, biking trails, botanical gardens, casinos, restaurants, and shopping centers help make the city a wonderful place. Our fellow residents and business owners are lucky to call Tulsa home, and we’re lucky to be able to make this city a more beautiful place to live!

What does Fair Outdoor Design offer Tulsa, Oklahoma?

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You can positively upgrade the look and functionality of your property with new and improved landscaping. Favorite flowers, lush grass, shaped hedges, tiered landscape beds - these all change how your entire lawn looks! This change also comes with many other benefits that impact you, your family, and the customers coming to your business.

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You'll get much more use out of your lawn when hardscaping is installed around your landscape. Patios, fire pits, retaining walls, pergolas, and other hard surfaces make your property perfect for relaxing or entertaining!

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Lawn Care

Your lawn will get somewhere with intervention from time to time. If your landscape is struggling to grow or becoming patchy, you may need to consider aeration, overseeding, or fertilization treatments. Getting rid of other nuisances with weed removal or pest control may also be necessary if your property has become overrun or seeing damages that weren't there before!

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Lawn Maintenance

Keeping up with your landscape ranges from small jobs to bigger ones, all to keep it looking gorgeous! For example, grooming your landscape by cutting the grass, trimming hedges, or edging around the lawn makes it look cared for and encourages growth.

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Seasonal Cleanups

Your lawn will get messy or accumulate clutter over time, and that's okay! However, it's important to remember not to let that clutter sit - and that's where seasonal cleanups come into play. These cleanups become necessary for your lawn's health every year and must be taken care of more often than others.

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Landscape Lighting

You've seen pictures of beautiful homes lit up perfectly at night - luckily for you, this could be your home next! Your property will be safer and easier to navigate if you commit to having carefully placed lighting installed.

Fair Outdoor Design provides everyone with the expert landscape, hardscape, and lawn care services in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our professionalism and personable service set us apart from others in the business. With our team, you’ll be able to handle your landscape’s health and face new projects with others.

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