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What is Included in Our Lawn Care Services?

Lawn care is the best way to keep your lawn in its most functional and healthy state. Aerating and overseeding your lawn boosts fertility and fullness to your property. Fertilization also helps when the soil lacks a nutritious balance and provides better plant life.

Why Choose Fair Outdoor Design?

Our team is professional and values each of our clients and their needs.

  • NCommunication is key because we keep you in the loop with how your lawn is doing.
  • NThe quality of our services is unbeatable because our team has extensive experience with keeping each lawn cared for.
  • NA sense of community drives our team to dedicate our amazing services to your neighborhood.
  • NIntegrity keeps us honest and true to the services we provide for our loyal and amazing clients.
  • NProfessionalism boosts our repertoire every time we complete a job for you. Therefore, each project is completed to the fullest.
Aeration in Broken Arrow

How Does Lawn Care Benefit Your Property?

Aeration and Overseeding Fulfil Your Nutrient Needs

Aeration and overseeding act as a power couple and work together to increase the fertilization of your soil. Your lawn will stay green and full when Fair Outdoor Design provides your yard extra care and attention. The nonfunctioning gunk in the soil will be removed by aeration and replaced with fresh nutrients, preventing yellow or bald patches.

Overseeding provides more potential grass blades to grow together. As a result, the bald spots will start to fill in, and the healthy green will outgrow the yellowing of your grass. So be prepared for your curb appeal to skyrocket, and you just might start a trend for healthier lawns in your community.

Fertilization Balances Out Your Soil

Sometimes your lawn needs help to grow stronger. Fair Lawn tests your soil and mixes in the right nutrient combination. No need to worry about an imbalance because our expert team fixes your property’s issues. Keeping your lawn fertile is one of the best ways to increase your home value. Your property will be more functional when your plant life grows stronger and increases the quality of the environment.

How Does Your Lawn Stay Green?

Post Emergents Stop Weeds in Their Tracks

When weeds are already above the soil, and their root system is stealing nutrients from your flowers, post-emergents are meant for them. Fair Outdoor Design ensures that your garden is unchanged when the weeds are suffocated from your flower beds. Our team is chockful of experience to ensure your property is free of unwanted intruders.

Ignoring weeds in your garden is the worst thing you can do for your lawn. Especially if you don’t know what you are looking at. Fair Outdoor Design educates you on how to become a better landscape owner.

Pre Emergents Prevent Weeds from Sprouting

Pre-emergents are meant for the seeds that haven’t started to sprout yet. Preventing weeds from beginning to grow is the best way to ensure they won’t spread throughout your property. Fair Lawn is a strong and knowledgeable team that is here for all your lawn care needs.

Each client deserves the best and healthiest lawns that we can provide. But you won’t have to guess if our services are enough to keep your lawn alive and healthy. By teaming up with Fair Lawn, you are also protecting your landscape from nasty intruders who have no business taking over your landscape.

Fair Outdoor Design offers flawless lawn care for Broken Arrow, Skiatook, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and surrounding communities.

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