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Stephen Fair started in the lawn maintenance and landscaping business as a hobby – much like many others in the industry. However, that hobby grew into an actual business as he continued to expand his experience and knowledge in the field. It may be a newer business in the industry, but that won’t stop him from giving his best at every job, every time.

It’s not always the easiest (or most glamorous) job, but it’s a testament to the hard work and skill he can push through and do an excellent job for all his customers. His team has also helped create the business he runs, making his goals come to life! In addition, he provides a long list of lawn services to residents and businesses, ensuring anyone can access them.

Fair Lawn Services Owner Stephan Fair in Collinsville, Owasso, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Those services include lawn maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation repair, landscape lighting, french drains, seasonal cleanup, and much more! Basically, Fair Outdoor Design takes care of all of your outdoor elements and ensures they work well together to form a beautiful big picture.

The landscaping services that Fair Outdoor Design offers create premium results every time. So whether you want your lawn mowed or a brand new garden bed, we treat every request with respect.

Stephen understands how important it is for most people to have a good relationship with those they do business with. He knows that a friendly, approachable, and trustworthy mentality is vital for making a company great for all. Fair Outdoor Design’s highest priority is ensuring its customers feel validated, understood, and confident in their work. He also understands that dependability is crucial for running any business – which means being professional in his customer relationships is guaranteed!

Besides customer service, Stephen and Fair Outdoor Design value being part of the community. We’re local and family-owned, so we’re not just here to make a buck. Part of landscaping is showing the property and people here respect, but Fair Outdoor Design’s community involvement goes beyond that.

Fair Outdoor Design helps fund local schools’ bands and sports time as a give-back program. In addition, Fair Outdoor Design contributes to Project Hope Worldwide, a nonprofit that cares for orphans. As a man who values his family, Stephen wants to help others to find theirs.

The Fair Outdoor Design team follows in his footsteps, upholding the high standards he holds for himself and his company and keeping to the most important values. So if you require any lawn services, Fair Outdoor Design will get the job done right!

Tell Us More About The Owner

Stephen Fair, Owner

Sometimes the best people and businesses come from humble beginnings – the same is true for Stephen and his lawn service business. It may not be a decades-long business in the making, but it can be just as great as one because of the attitude and mindset that stems from Stephen and his team. He knows there is a fine line between just running and enriching a business.

Stephen has made it his most significant goal to provide lawn services to residential and commercial properties that are high-quality and unparalleled in the customer-business relationship. He ensures his team is the same way and upholds the image he wishes to achieve and maintain.

When he’s not working hard on the job, he’s at home enjoying life with his three beautiful children and loving wife. He takes on the role of a family man well, tending to it as he does your landscape. Dedication and personality show in all he does – at home, at work, and with customers, both past and present!

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