Expert Seasonal Cleanup Services In Tulsa, Owasso & Collinsville, And OK!

What is included in our seasonal cleanup services?

Even though we all dream of a mess-free life, that’s not necessarily realistic. Unfortunately, some messes take place outside on your landscape – but they should be taken care of the same as those indoors. Seasonal cleanups are the best way to combat the ‘messy’ look on your lawn!

Seasonal cleanups are called that because they typically occur more frequently during certain times of the year when your lawn is at its messiest. Our services include cleaning up leaves and other lawn debris across the grass, removing dying plants, and clearing out landscape beds.

Why should we trust Fair Outdoor Design to take care of our lawn services?

Our business is built and run on core values that keep us a top-tier landscape company:

  • NPersonal growth and positive change will help improve our company as time progresses.
  • NWe provide many services that your home and landscape will greatly benefit from.
  • NYou can count on us to support our community and visualize our devotion through the work we do outside of landscaping.
  • NEveryone on our team uses the best techniques in the business, implementing methods for the most effective landscape care.
  • NWe are a family-owned, dedicated lawn company that does everything we can to treat your landscape as if it was our own.
Putting leaves and sticks in wheelbarrow in Broken Arrow, OK

What are some benefits of this lawn service?

Easier growth when Spring comes

Spring is the time of rebirth, growth, and starting anew - you wouldn't want to stop your landscape from doing its job this time of year. However, if you let leaves and lawn debris sit, that will happen.

Your lawn will have a much easier time growing and flourishing if nothing is sitting on top of it that will stop it. Cleaning up the debris that shouldn't be there will encourage new, healthy growth.

Bugs won’t make your home their permanent home

Let's face it; you can't fully stop bugs from making their way across your lawn or trying to settle down and call it home. Some insects are very beneficial for your lawn!

Leaving leaves and other clutter on your landscape encourages bad bugs to invade your greenery and potentially your home. On the other hand, clearing away debris limits the space they have to breed, live, and possibly bite!

What should I remember when starting this project?

It involves more than raking leaves

Leaves are the most common form of lawn debris and can often do the most damage when left to sit on your landscape. However, they're not the only culprit that needs to be taken care of.

Fallen tree debris like sticks or twigs are tripping hazards, and landscape beds must be cleared of anything dead or dying to prevent other plants from becoming weak or dying.

Frequency is key

Cleanups need to happen as often as possible so you keep up the positive aesthetic of your lawn and ensure it stays as healthy as possible. Even little cleanups throughout the year can make a big difference!

During Fall and Spring, these cleanups become much bigger and more common. As long as you do it frequently and thoroughly, you won't have to worry about it becoming a problem!

We are happy to provide expert seasonal cleanup services in Broken Arrow, Skiatook, and Tulsa, Oklahoma! Your landscape deserves the best, and our company is fully prepared to provide it with just that!

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