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Oologah is an Oklahoma town in Rogers County with two names. At least there are two spellings. Some of our buildings have the older spelling Oolagah, as there has been consistent disagreement on the correct way to spell our town since before Oklahoma was a state.

Confusion remained a theme as even Will Rogers, who was born here, claimed Claremore as his home “because nobody but an Indian can pronounce ‘Oologah.'”

While here, check out our Will Rogers and his horse statue, which, an odd bit of trivia, has only part of it (the water pump) on the national historic registry. Besides paying tribute to Rogers, many pastimes in Oologah revolve around the manmade lake named after the town, where you can sail, ski, canoe, swim, or relax.

What Landscaping Services Does Fair Outdoor Design Offer Oologah?

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Want a nice place to gather outdoors? Then, we'll do it the hard way.

Hardscaping is a great way to customize your outdoor space. Easily customizable by shape, size, and color, your hardscaped space can blend in with your home or stun on its own. Using your chosen materials and colors, we'll create walking paths, patios, landscape walls, fire pits, or whatever you want in your outdoor living space.

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Your landscape is what you make of it. But some of the best landscapes have contrasts that also blend - the highs of trees with the lows of flower beds, vivid blossoms against dark mulch enveloped by a lush, green lawn.

Well-maintained grass, trees, shrubs, and other living elements contrast with manufactured structures and hardscaping. At Fair Lawn, we install it all and then maintain it for your Oologah home.

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French Drains

You likely have a drainage problem when your property has spots with standing water, soggy areas that give too much when you walk, or erosion.

Eventually, this can lead to loss of plant life, property damage, or even flooding and mold growth. Losing plants and erosion of soil can then create even more drainage problems. Luckily, there's an easy solution for your drainage woes - french drain installation.

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Landscape Lighting

When you have a beautiful yard, you want to share it with guests. But you don't want the party to end as soon as it gets dark.

Landscape lighting extends the evening and allows you to light up the parts of your space you want to show. In addition, landscape lighting makes moving around safer, preventing injuries, reducing crime risk, and lowering your liability.

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Seasonal Cleanups

If you thought your pets shed, they have nothing on your plant life! On the contrary, plants are constantly shedding leaves, branches, petals, and more.

All this plant debris falls onto your lawn, where it will stay if you don't schedule a seasonal cleanup. Most prominent in the fall due to the leaves, we recommend at least one seasonal cleanup every year to improve your space and keep your landscape healthy.

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Lawn Care

Lawn care is what most people think about when they think about landscaping. Your lawn is the face of your home and usually takes up the most outdoor space on your property. So taking care of it is vital for a gorgeous home.

Lawn care takes regular maintenance, like mowing, but your lawn also requires seasonal care to stay healthy. Examples of seasonal lawn care include aeration & overseeding, weed treatments, and fertilizer.

Give Fair Outdoor Design a call for expert Oologah hardscaping, landscaping, French drains, lawn care, irrigation, seasonal cleanups & other landscaping in your home or business. We start by treating our customers well. Then we turn your landscape into the yard you always wanted it to be.

Serve. Grow. Give. Repeat.

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